Sticker Decals Attention Danger Blind Angles Compulsory

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Sticker Decals Warning Danger Blind Spots Bus Car or Trucks

Adhesives high performance with UV protection lamination for Heavy Goods Vehicles, Trucks according to Decree No. 2020-1396 of November 17, 2020

The size of the stickers is 170 x 250 mm with a die-cut according to Government standards.

“As of January 1, 2021, all heavy vehicles (goods transport vehicles and passenger transport vehicles) will have to affix this signaling device to their vehicle so that it is visible on the sides and at the rear of the vehicle. vehicle.

This obligation applies to heavy vehicles whose total authorized laden weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes, traveling in urban areas. The decree excludes from its scope agricultural and forestry vehicles on the one hand, and winter service vehicles and intervention vehicles of the departments managing motorways or dual carriageways on the other.

A total of 5 stickers are to be affixed to the vehicle in 3 different places between 0.90 and 1.5m from the ground (see photos)

Sanction: Failure to comply with this obligation will be sanctioned by a 4th class fine.

  • Decree No. 2020-1396 of November 17, 2020 relating to signs materializing blind spots on vehicles whose total authorized laden weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes.
  • Draft decree implementing Article R. 313-32-1 of the Highway Code relating to signs indicating blind spots on heavy vehicles.

These Stickers are made with vector files for better printing quality. French made

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